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Recent Published Pieces on the Future of Digital Books

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

The Washington Post recently ran this op-ed by me, titled “A Book Grab by Google,” in which I lay out some (but not all) of my problems with the proposed settlement between Google, the AAP, and the Authors Guild. It’s gotten picked up by many blogs, twitterers, and websites, but, for readers of this blog who might not have seen it, I link to it here as well.

I’ve also got a short piece in a new report from Congressional Quarterly Researcher on the future of books, in counterpoint with Dan Clancy of Google, answering the question why I don’t think the settlement will increase digital access to books in the long run. Click on the tab on the left that says “Pro/Con.” (Unfortunately, I’m the “con,” but am looking forward to a return to my usual “pro” self soon enough!)


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