Brewster Kahle Interviewed on Democracy Now!

Today Democracy Now! broadcast an interview between Amy Goodman and Brewster Kahle about digitization, the Google Book Search Settlement, and the future of books and libraries (taped on April 17 in San Francisco):

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3 Responses to “Brewster Kahle Interviewed on Democracy Now!”

  1. Tim Zenderfield Says:

    Excellent video. Must watch for those who want to see how worse the state of battle between Google and the open content supporters. It’s probably not legal but we each can try to scan recent orphan books at home quickly before it’s too late if we want to preserve them. Learn how to build book scanners here if you can’t afford the expensive ones.

  2. Devin Says:

    This is awful. It’s the road to internet fascism. And now verizon is destroying net neutrality. I don’t know if it has anything to with this or not, but it seems like I get an awful lot of Bandwidth Exceeded errors lately. It really hurts me learning about these greedy monsters trying monopolize everything. I feel bad for ALL the people that don’t even realize it’s happening right under their noses. I don’t want an Orwellian future. The Internet was a ray of hope for a more democratic humanity for a long time, and now just because the spoiled bastards need more more more power over people, at the expense of the people, we get to see that ray of hope being flushed down the toilet. And the sad thing is the government should be preventing this type of shit, but instead they want to empower the monsters and eventually assimilate them into the matrix of control. I wouldn’t care, but when they fuck over and inhibit the prosperity of the little guy that really burns my ass. The lone Ph.Ds and scienntists that would have his little informative website will not be acknowledged online. They do the thing with movies too. I think data information and media should not be able to be patented by major corporations. Only material items. These assholes make living in this world SUCK. The great yawn in the age of spectacle.

  3. Four Arrows Says:

    Although Amy and her guests walked on eggshells to prevent sounding like they were questioning the official story of 9/11, their continual references to a television made consciousness and the need for critical and diverse perspectives about 9/11 events was noted. What continues to amaze me is not so much the “internet fascism” but that we can watch on a program known for its conservative or absent coverage of the 9/11 truth movement confirming that the BBC indeed announced the collapse of Building 7 26 minutes before it happened and not discuss how this could have happened nor how strange it was that BBC itself had lost the broadcast Amy played. Thanks Amy for this bone but if no one is biting, perhaps now I see why you have avoided the facts. We indeed live in an emperor’s new clothes world.